“Supposing truth is a woman — what then? Are there not grounds for the suspicion that all philosophers, insofar as they were dogmatists, have been very inexpert about women? That the gruesome seriousness, the clumsy obtrusiveness with which they have usually approached truth so far have been awkward and very improper methods for winning a woman’s heart? What is certain is that she has not allowed herself to be won—and today every kind of dogmatism is left standing dispirited and discouraged.”

– Nietzsche, Preface to Beyond Good and Evil (http://www.philosophyonline.co.uk/nietzsche/nietzsframe1.htm)

Supposing truth is a tomboy – what then? Are there not grounds for the suspicion that we, with our feet on the ground, have missed the truth while her limbs were dangling from branches above our heads? And that we, as a society, have been very inexpert about tomboys? That our stony-faced conservativism about social norms has chased away truth to the treetops, while our clumsy, emotionless gargling about political rationalism has simply stifled truth, so that she no longer slouches on our doorsteps?

This is my personal blog. I like writing about the philosophy of economics, political theory, and meta- and normative ethics. I will write about abstract things when I think those abstractions matter for everyday reflection and action. I also like writing about economics in its own right, but I will do my best to write about economics through the critical lens of social theory. Ethics is vital to economics. I particularly like reading and writing about development and labour economics. I also enjoy a good dollop of feminist snark with everything. Please let me know, or comment, if you would like to contribute to any of the above. My thoughts are in development and never fully refined – as always – and I would really like to hear from you.

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  1. Phil said:

    When I was a kid my best friend, semi-secret passion & really-secret role model was a girl who only ever wore trousers; this was highly unusual back then, unless you actually lived on a farm. God, she was cool. But I did think there wouldn’t be any “tomboys” by the time I had children; women would be able to do the important jobs like newsreader and Home Secretary, and girls would mostly wear trousers & tear around the place instead of standing in demure little groups talking about makeup.

    I’ve got an 11-year-old daughter; we got the newsreaders, got the Home Secretary, got girls in trousers… standing in demure little groups talking about makeup. What happened?

    Oh, er, good blog and that. Nice to run into another fan of Luke’s.


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